How are we different?

Relaxing, Painless, Affordable Dentistry

As a team, we came up with some reasons why we are different.

See what you think.


  1. Family Owned and Operated : See the same dedicated queensland trained dentists everytime, knowing that you are in safe, professional and experienced hands.
  2. Fair, Affordable and Transparent Costs: Our team is completely upfront with our below average fees. Dr. Evelyn and Dr. Manfred will always provide upfront costs before treatment and spend as much time as is necessary going through all of your options with you.
  3. On-Time and Appropriate length appointment times : Your dentist will always endeavour to be on-time and will never be rushed, which is what you deserve.
  4. Payment plans : For when the unexpected happens, we offer interest-free payment plans tailored to your individual needs.
  5. One stop shop : Dr. Evelyn and Dr. Manfred are highly skilled in many aspects of dentistry including teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, children's dentistry, dental implants and wisdom teeth removal.
  • 6. Patient Education : Both Dr. Evelyn and Dr. Manfred are excited to share their knowledge and thought processes with patients. As a team, the patients, with the dentists help, can understand the conditions and treatments, and make a well informed decision they are happy with. We believe this is key to helping patients reach their goals in an educated manner. 
  • 7. Prevention : Here at Karana Downs Dental, we firmly believe that prevention is they key to excellent long term dental health and well-being. As such, we will reinforce these concepts at every visit, and recommend regular checkups and cleans. 13.jpg
  • 8. Comfort :  Dentistry should always be about the comfort and well being of the patient. Here at Karana Downs Dental we firmly believe this to be the case. Dr. Evelyn and Dr. Manfred are excited to show even our most anxious patients how painless and relaxing a dental visit should be. We will go to every length including noise cancelling headphones, ceiling TVs, happy gas and more to ensure your visit is the best dental visit you've ever had.

Our lovely staff

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