Anstead Dentist

At approximately 16km from Brisbane, our popular dentists service the 1,527 people of Anstead, QLD 4070, and are located just next door at Karana Downs Dental. We are located at 36 College Road, Karana Downs, just a hop over from Anstead.

Our friendly, experienced and popular dentists are located just next door to the suburb of Anstead, QLD 4070. Servicing the 1,527 people that live in the area for over 10 years, we are a well established dentist in the community.

We focus on providing affordable, gentle, down to earth dental care to the people of Anstead, QLD 4070. We care deeply about our patients and aim to form a life-long professional relationship together. We are actively involved in community life in the area, and regular visit local childcares and kindys which is an absolute delight. Dr Evelyn and Dr Manfred are both trained at the University of Queensland, and we believe in growing through providing affordable, lasting dental care.

We look after families and individuals, from the ages of 2 all the way to over 100. We provide a range of services, from bulk billed children's dental care, expert removal of wisdom teeth in ipswich, fillings, root canals and ofcourse the regular check and cleans. For a full range of our services for Anstead QLD, 4070, please visit our treatment page for more information here.