Sunday Dentist | Chermside Location

Do you need a Sunday Dentist? Our Chermside Practice is Open 7 Days

Have a Sunday Emergency?

Our sister practice in Chermside is Open on Sundays

Although we are open 6 days, we realise that emergencies can happen on Sundays.

For this reason, our Chermside located sister practice is open 7 Days.

If you have an emergecy or need to be seen on Sunday, we are open from 9am-3pm in Chermside, and you can contact the Chermside branch here, open 7 Days.01.jpg

Emergencies can include a myriad of different problems. These include infections, broken teeth, toothaches, loose teeth or prostheses or even dental trauma such as a knock to a tooth.

If you have a facial swelling, it is particularly urgent that you have it addressed as soon as possible. There is a saying in the medical world that you should never let the sun set on a facial swelling.

For during the night, here is a link to a blog article about dental home remedies until we can see you.